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Mexico vs New Zealand Result

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Mexico Win Over New Zealand 2-0


And that, as they say, is that as the ref blows his whistle to signal the end of the All Whites first FIFA World Cup warm-up clash which ends up All Whites 0 Mexico 2.


Into the final seconds of the game and New Zealand give away two crucial corners.

Both come to nothing, but Bertos blasts down the right in his blinding yellow boots.


Two more changes for the All Whites as West Brom's Chris Wood comes on for Shane Smeltz while skipper Tim Brown makes way for Team Wellington youngster Andy Barron.

YELLOW: Tony Lochhead


Better play from the All Whites with McGlinchey (whose appearance on the field seems to have fired the All Whites into action) passing to Rory Fallon who almost grabs a goal - but as he blasts the ball into the net the ref blows his whistle for offside.


Right. After that assault on goal I can finally catch my breath to tell you that New Zealand have made changes early in the second half with World Cup qualifying hero Rory Fallon coming on for Boro striker Chris Killen, while Coombes made way for Micheal McGlinchey.

6:28pm GOAL!

All Whites 0 Mexico 2
And there is another for Mexico as Ben Sigmund is outwitted by Arsenal's Carlos Vela to net their second in almost as many minutes.
One fears that the floodgates have now opened!

6:23pm GOAL!

All Whites 0 Mexico 1

As I just mentioned, Mexico looked the more likely to score and so it came to pass as Chad Coombes is caught out by Javier Hernandez, nicknamed The Pea, who jumped above the New Zealand defence to smash in a perfect header from a Mexico corner.


Instead of coming out refreshed and raring to go after the break, the All Whites seem to have left their heads somewhere in the bowels of the Rose Bowl.

Chris Killen gets a rare touch but instantly gives the ball away as the Mexicans continue to pile on the pressure. Mexico looking the more likely to score.


Another close call for the All Whites just moments later as Hernandez is allowed space for a free header in the NZ box - but he heads it wide - Mexico really should be doing better!


There is almost an immediate impact from Mexico sub Moreno, but once again they fail to hit the back of Glen Moss' net.


It's all change for Mexico as they bring on the big guns in the hopes of bringing New Zealand down.

Javier Hernandez, Javier Rodriguez and Hector Moreno all come on for Javier Aguirre's side.

No change for the All Whites.


So one might argue that if it ain't broke, why fix it as we look forward to the second half.

Both sides are allowed up to six substitutes, and it will be interesting to see what changes Herbert will make.

Both Killen and Smeltz have been fairly ineffectual, as has Leo Bertos, whose early corner has been the only flash of brilliance from the Phoenix star.

5:57pm - 0-0 HT

The All Whites will be glad of half time as Mexico continue to dominate possession, with Efrain Juarez and Jonathan Dos Santos the main instigators.

But although the Kiwis are finding themselves increasingly deep into their own half as they allow the World No.15 ranked team time, and space to push forward, New Zealand coach Ricki Herbert can be satisfied that his side are keeping the big match experienced Mexico, who were 5-0 winners over Bolivia in their last fixture, at bay as we enter half time.


Auckland City's Coombes wins a throw-in for the All Whites as we edge closer to half time, but Mexico are quick at closing the Kiwis down before Juarez, whose pace is having a huge impact on this game sprints down the right again - but Moss clears.


Mexico continue to stream down the right side of the field and Moss is almost embarrassed as a deflection from Andy Boyens heads towards the All Whites net.


WOAH! Mexico just came oh so close to the opening goal of the clash Jonathan Dos Santos latches onto a fierce corner kick only to smash it into the crossbar of the All Whites goal - you couldn't connect with that even if you tried!


The All Whites are let off the hook as some slick passing from Mexico see them surge into the Kiwis goal. But as the ball is played to Blanco, his first touch lets him and the side down.


Danger for the All Whites as Giovani Dos Santos pushes forward. The pace once these boys get the ball is unreal.

But New Zealand are holding their own - Glen Moss is doing well in goal, as is debutant defender Tommy Smith.


Tim Brown needs to watch himself as he gives yet another free kick to Mexico.

Nothing comes of it, but Mexico are really starting to dominate play as the Kiwi's are pushed deeper back into their own half.


Glen Moss also makes his first save of the game as a powerful kick from Mexico's No.16 head's his way. The tempo is definitely building in LA.

Some more blinding build-up play from the All Whites who, if they've got nerves, are not really showing them.

But as the Kiwis surge forward Mexico's Cuauhtemoc Blanco is fouled and the camera focused on him on the floor, luckily (unluckily) for all the New Zealand viewers the push forward leads to nothing.


First set piece of the game goes the All Whites way.

It's a corner that is flown in from Leo Bertos - connects with Chris Killen's head but he fails to hit the back of the net.

All looking good early doors for the All Whites though.


And we have kick-off at the Rose Bowl

Smeltz and Killen are up front for the All White, and get an early touch. Good first touch from Smith too.

Tim Brown is booked early for a challenge on Mexico's No.6

Rory Fallon, much talked about leading up to the clash starts on the bench, whilst Glen Moss is in goal for the Kiwis.


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